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Bringing about change in organizations

Our consultancy practice is about working collaboratively with you, involving you in creating and developing participative processes to bring about change.

Holding the view that organizations are not ‘things’ which can be known objectively by detached observers, but rather social processes in which everyone is a participant, we focus on how people interact – the forms conversations take, patterns and dynamics, the interplay of persistence and change. 

Our consultancy practice ‘expertise’ lies in working participatively with the culture, behaviors and realities in your organizations.

Because of this, our work can involve challenging organizational constraints – routine, habitual ways of working, unhelpful cultures, unexamined rules and assumptions, maybe excessive power differentials. But it is only by acknowledging the genuine issues in your organization and working collaboratively together around these that real, sustainable change happens. 


Our approach   
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The Ashridge approach to consulting


Groups or organizations tend to settle into routines that people stick to even when it’s known that things need to be changed or could be improved.

Our ‘approaches’ are centered around helping people question what they are trying to achieve, and why, and using participative interventions to explore your organization’s routines and cultural behaviors.

The impact of interventions, which range from inquiry and one-to-one coaching through to large group events, can be eye-opening for everyone involved, making a real difference in achieving practical change to your organization.

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Ashridge consulting expertise


We are a consultancy of over 70 people, covering 20 nationalities, and demonstrating a combination of senior level business experience, business consulting experience and coaching expertise. 

As our client you can draw on a wealth of expertise including:

Our case studies, publications, research, articles, books and podcasts offer you an insight into how we work with organizations and the cutting edge basis of our thinking and approaches.

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Ashridge Executive Coaches

Ashridge Executive Coaches

Our executive coaches bring real and personal experience of change in organizations. This, and the confidential relationship, helps to generate of new thinking and options, provides an important space to consider the organizational implications of change and to reflect constructively on how to be more effective.

We have rigorous standards for our coaches, all of whom are selected and developed through our world-renowned Ashridge accreditation coaching program, and work within a framework of professional supervision to maintain high standards.

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We also support practitioners in building their own consulting capability through our programs.