Organizational Consulting

We help organizations identify and solve critical challenges in organizational development.

Ashridge’s approach to consulting is unique. For two decades, the depth and breadth of our frameworks and methodologies have enabled us to support organizations and their leaders with a range of services no other firm or business school can match.

We offer knowledge, insight, and world-class expertise in five core practice areas:

Strategic and Cultural Change

Many consultancies claim they can help clients rethink their future. But at Ashridge, we know that while the “rethink” is important, the hard part is implementation. We don’t just help clients dream, we help them make that dream come true. We specialize in figuring out, step by step, how to make change happen. We support our clients to cultivate and develop the cultures of their organizations to maintain their uniqueness, creativity, and health, in order to achieve their goals and ensure their long-term success.

Globalization and Internationalization

As organizations grow, their set-up needs to change— often quite dramatically. Whether you are transitioning from a company in one country to one that spans the globe and thus multiple cultures, or you are going from a start-up to a company that needs to adopt more structure and practice, we can help you and your organization align and thrive in the new realities.

Mergers and Restructuring

Mergers and acquisitions bring a host of unique challenges. Defining strategy and securing financing are only the beginning. Often those combinations require jarring adjustments: restructuring, consolidating redundant functions, changing senior leadership, staff reductions. We specialize in helping clients cope with such adjustments and integrate corporate structures and cultures after they’ve been combined.

Developing Boards and Executive Teams

In order to lead change, an organization’s top team needs to be able to work together effectively. We work with Boards and Executive Teams to help them realize their full potential to lead their organizations. We support them on unearthing what their real issues are, establishing what their strategic imperatives are, and providing concrete and actionable help on how to execute those strategies successfully.

Talent Identification and Development

No organization can succeed if it fails to attract and promote talented employees. We help organizations identify the skills they need and train great workers. We also help organizations to look at their employee development and retention strategies and compare those to other industry best practices.