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Expert Strategy: Driving Growth and Innovation

No business is safe from disruption. Learn the techniques to foster creative innovation and develop a growth mindset within your organization.

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19 Nov 2017 - 23 Nov 2017

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05 Feb 2018 - 09 Feb 2018

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11 Jun 2018 - 15 Jun 2018

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Length: 5 days
Course level: Expert

Who is this course for? 

You’re a leader searching for new ways of future-proofing your company’s long-term strategy by pre-empting disruptive influences in the marketplace and uncovering creative options for growth. You may also be leading the development of new ideas and innovation practices in your organization.

What will I learn? 

On this intensive course, you’ll learn how to assess your growth options and identify new digitally transformative ways to shape your company’s strategic future. You’ll learn how to evaluate the potential merits of new market penetration, expanded product development, and competitor acquisition— among other topics—to grow your business. You’ll explore approaches for successful implementation of innovation strategies and culture.
By the end, you’ll understand how to:
  • Define what innovation means for your organization, and develop the ability articulate that to your teams
  • Source and sustain growth
  • Leverage your own innate strengths for delivering innovation
  • Inspire a culture of agile, dynamic thinking among your team leaders
  • Generate creative customer-centric ideas and adapt them to your real business capabilities and constraints
  • Think like a disruptor, understanding what jobs need to be done and learning the frameworks to create strategies around business model innovation

Why learn with us?

On this program, you will learn how to manage change and make innovation a reality in your business. To ensure that learning is relevant and rooted in your organization, before arriving you’ll complete an online psychometric test to explore your personal capabilities for leading innovation and creativity, as well as a short exercise analyzing the growth of your business. Course material will revolve around this so that your investment with us directly drives your organization’s goals.
So that you can network with and be inspired by other diverse executives on the course, hands-on simulations will take you out of the classroom and require team cooperation. These exercises will not only force you to apply classroom theories in action but will also stretch your creative thinking. This concept of an in-class innovation lab enables you to present your organization’s products and bene t from collaboratively solving bottlenecks and designing tangible new ideas.
Both our Ashridge and Dubai locations are ideally situated for re ective and thoughtful learning, ensuring you’ll return to work energized and mentally refreshed.
You can also earn a Certicate of Application through applying frameworks learned in class directly to your organization. A virtual follow-up session after the program will allow you to present your progress, and allow a tutor to assess your development.


Program fee

Price: £5,900.00 + VAT
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"The course was invaluable, and it's helped me prevent expensive mistakes in my business."

Emma Dagnes- Deputy Chief Executive, Alexandra Palace

Faculty Team

Paul Griffith

Paul Griffith


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Tony Cram

Tony Cram


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