What does Brexit mean to you?

It seems likely that we face a prolonged period of uncertainty as the political and business communities unravel the implications of the Brexit decision on 23 June, 2016. 

Ashridge has extensive experience and expertise of working with organizations who are working with radical and complex change and prolonged uncertainty. For over two decades we have developed a distinctive position on the critical capabilities and qualities that leaders need to manage complexity and ambiguity. Adaptive or extraordinary leadership is required and involves being able to work with what are often contradictory challenges - being purposeful and proactive whilst also recognizing that you are not actually in control of much; containing people’s anxiety but also helping them recognize that they may have to work very differently in the future. 

We would like to share relevant thought leadership with you as you work through what Brexit means for you.

Developing dynamic capabilities

Developing dynamic capabilities

In this video, Ashridge faculty member James Moncrieff explains how the development of dynamic capabilities allows organizations to be agile and respond to changes in the environment.

How can leaders alert themselves to signs of weakness in their decision making process?

Decision making process

In this video, Ashridge strategy expert Jo Whitehead offers advice on how leaders can avoid making flawed decisions.

Six core elements of resilience


In this video interview, Ashridge resilience and well-being specialist Alex Davda explores six core elements of resilience - attitudes which can help people when they are under pressure.

Relevant blogs 

Change agility: leadership, transformation and the pursuit of purpose

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Leadership in the era of economic uncertainty

This book, written in response to the financial crisis of 2008, offers insight on ways to respond productively to an era of widespread uncertainty.

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How we can help

Custom Programs and Organizational Consulting – we can incorporate our leadership development specifically for your organization’s needs including addressing some of the critical leadership skills that will be needed as a result of Brexit.