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Ashridge Tailored Executive Education Programmes

Ashridge is unique.

No-one matches our combination of client numbers, faculty numbers, revenues and level of experience in the corporate field. Over 120 international organisations a year use Ashridge to make their organisations and people more effective. We are one of the few business schools in the world to have its own consulting practice, and we are leading the way in both virtual leadership and sustainable business practice. Ashridge is also the only major business school in the world to offer accreditation options (postgraduate management qualifications) for the learning from its executive education programmes.

Ashridge is 100% focused on client needs, on delivering tangible results, on supporting individuals and management teams with the process of improvement and change.

At a glance...

  • Ashridge is the only international business school which offers executive education hand-in-hand with its own consultancy service and executive coaching division
  • Clients come to Ashridge with goals and outputs in mind - rather than pre-defined products or approaches – and our faculty and consultants discuss and design interventions to meet their objectives. Our entire business model is set up to be client-focused and meet a wide range of business goals
  • All Ashridge faculty, consultants and coaches have business and/or consulting experience - their work with clients is underpinned by a fundamental appreciation of the challenges faced in the real world
  • Ashridge faculty are amongst the most international and diverse in the industry. More than half of our 90 faculty are women and 55% hold citizenship outside the UK, representing over 20 nationalities
  • Our work with clients takes us all over the world, designing and delivering programmes globally at our clients’ international locations
  • Or, when it works for their needs, our clients come to us in the UK – to our breathtaking residential campus (30 minutes from London).

At the forefront...

  • Ashridge’s belief has always been to innovate and think ahead
  • We are the only major business school to offers clients and participants the opportunity to transform their learning on Ashridge programmes into a recognised post graduate qualification in three flexible stages: Certificate, Diploma, Masters
  • We were one of the first business schools to introduce experiential learning into our management development programme designs
  • We pioneered the use of group projects as a vehicle for learning and experience, and means of delivering return on investment
  • We are at the forefront in terms of sustainable business practices and our research is underpinning much of our activities and client offers
  • We are one of the few business schools to offer an MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility
  • Workplace support is offered via our Virtual Learning Resource Centre (VLRC) and e-sharing sites
  • Tailored programmes can contribute towards academic qualifications (certificate, diploma and MSc in Management) via a unique Ashridge accreditation Pathways programme
  • Ashridge also has an unrivalled record of developing programmes and interventions specifically for the public sector, both in the UK and internationally
  • We are currently working with 11 out of 26 UK Government departments and a number of public sector bodies in the Middle East (our clients).

Our credentials

  • Consistently ranked amongst the top international business schools of the world
  • Working with 66% of the FTSE top 100 companies
  • 50 years’ experience of developing the managers and leaders of global organisations at every stage of their careers
  • Working with 9000+ managers per year – 5000 of these are participants on our customised programmes and interventions
  • Delivering 300+ development programmes per year for over 100 different client organisations
  • 60% of our clients headquartered outside the UK
  • 100 programmes delivered at global (non-UK) locations, often in more than one country. Clients who recognise that our ability to work across cultural boundaries is vital to the contribution we make to their business at a local level
  • Delivering programmes via simultaneous translation to non-English speaking groups in Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese
  • Significant client base in Europe extending to North America and through the Middle East to the Pacific

It is this wide and deep experience that we offer to every client.

Our focus...

  • Ashridge is dedicated to the needs of our customers and clients
  • Our research activities are 100% focused on the interests of the practising manager and organisations
  • Ashridge tutors are not distracted by the pressures of seeking tenure or having to contribute to research ratings by publishing in academic journals
  • We have developed genuine expertise in ensuring that the learning from our management development programmes is transferred and applied back in the workplace (Transfer of Learning).