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Mobile Learning Research

Mobile learning research

How are mobile technologies changing the executive and higher education landscape?

In 2011, Ashridge Business School received funding from UNICON to research how mobile technologies are changing the learning landscape. For this project we defined mobile learning as "just in time, just enough and just for me" (Traxler 2007) and drew upon examples of innovative practice in mobile learning in business schools, universities and across the private sector in the UK and globally.

The full report was presented at the UNICON conference in December 2011 and is now available to download.

If you have any comments, or for more information please contact:

Tell us how mobile technologies are shaping learning in your organisation.

Although the research is now complete, we are still keen to find out how mobile technologies are shaping your learning landscape. Contact the research team by sending an email to to tell us more.

Trudi West talks about the mobile learning research

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