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360°, the Ashridge Journal

The Ashridge Research Journal

Welcome to 360°, the Ashridge Journal, with the latest thinking and research from Ashridge faculty. The contents list below shows the articles from the latest edition for Summer 2011. Click through on the titles or through the left-hand menu to read the articles online. You can also download PDF copies of the individual articles.

To download PDF copies of previous editions of 360°, the Ashridge Journal, either click on the cover images at the bottom of this page or click on the menu buttons on the left-hand side.

My angle

Ashridge Chief Executive Kai Peters highlights the gulf between research that is purely academic and that which is read and acted upon by practising managers.

Research overview

Dr. Vicki Culpin presents an overview of the latest Ashridge research.

Sustainability as a learning challenge

Dr. Gill Coleman argues that sustainability is a learning challenge that can be effectively addressed using the principles and practices of action research.

Developing your strategic capability

A common challenge is for managers to broaden their skills in strategy. Based on his new book, Jo Whitehead proposes a framework that will help managers to create and implement strategies.

Changing the social fabric of organisations

The crisis in the world economy has forced organisations to introduce new work practices, technologies and structures. To make such changes less painful and more effective, Dr. Andrew Day emphasises the importance of an understanding of the social fabric of an organisation.

Relational talent management

Karen Ward and Dr. Mary Jacobsen propose that to be effective, an organisation’s talent management strategy needs to be a relationship between people, not an abstract set of organisational processes.

Perspectives: Management, leadership – and command

Respected military historian and Ashridge faculty member, Dr. Stephen Bungay, defines the difference between ‘managers’ and ‘leaders’, and proposes a third concept — command — which is essential for providing the direction of an organisation’s activities.

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