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Caryn Vanstone


Caryn is influenced by years working as both a line manager and change specialist in industry, working in the post-privatisation UK Water Industry. She consulted on projects including outsourcing, mergers and JV’s, customer centricity, IT system change, individual/team leadership development and major restructuring and downsizing programmes. She designed and led projects combining rational/structural and emotional/relational aspects of change.

Her consulting style draws from complexity theory, relational psychotherapy and Appreciative Inquiry combined with process re-design and project management, and large group work like Open Space and World Café. Her work focuses on:
  • Organisational culture change and strategy engagement/implementation based on appreciative and collaborative inquiry methods.
  • The design and delivery of large and complex projects that bring about strategic, culture, structural and performance change.
  • Projects that combine process and system re-design work with cultural, leadership and relationship change to achieve reduced bureaucracy, improved engagement and innovation – but without loss of discipline and accountability.
  • Coaching of senior managers and executives through change projects.
  • Design and delivery of executive development programmes.

Since joining Ashridge Consulting in 1999 she has led many highly innovative and award winning change projects for Corporates including O2 UK, Nokia, BP, GSK, American Express, the NHS, Fujitsu Siemens and the BBC.

She has been invited to speak at strategic change and AI conferences in Europe, the US, Latin America and the Far East on her innovative approach to high-engagement, strength-based strategy formation and change, sharing the stage with people like Harrison Owen, Ralph Stacey, Diana Whitney, David Cooperrider and Frank Barrett. She has an MSc in Organisation Consulting and for the last 9 years has been a Tutor on the Ashridge Masters in Organisational Change.

Caryn's latest publications

Download Appreciative Inquiry
Vanstone, C. (2007) Essential Techniques for Employee Engagement, Appreciative Inquiry pp. 27 - 56, Melcrum publishing
Vanstone, C. (2007) Revitalizing Corporate Values in Nokia, in Lewis, S., Passmore, J. & Cantore, S. (eds) Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management - Using AI to Facilitate Organisational Development, Kogan Page
Download Better Place at O2
Vanstone, C. (2007) Better Place at O2, Converse, Issue 5, pp. 3-5
Download A Unique Partnership for Success
Vanstone, C. (2006) A Unique Partnership for Success, Converse
Download Re-Energising the Spirit of Winning at American Express
Vanstone, C. (2006) Re-Energising the Spirit of Winning at American Express, Converse, pp.14-15, April
Vanstone, C. (2006) Working with a Complexity Perspective, in Critchley, B. & Higgins, J. (eds) Field Research into the Practice of Relational Consulting, Ashridge

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Caryn Vanstone
Caryn Vanstone
Caryn Vanstone