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Ashridge offers a comprehensive range of learning programmes with flexible start dates, delivered by experts with commercial experience.

Our programmes offer academic rigour coupled with real-world wisdom and enable the open exchange of experiences between participants and programme faculty. Our inspiring environment focuses the mind and participants go back to their workplace able to have an immediate impact on their performance, business and career.

Advanced Management Programme

You are likely to be a high potential middle manager new to general management, a senior functional or technical specialist in transition to general management, a country manager or business unit head or managing a complex across teams, functions or borders. Learn more

Fast-Track Advanced Management Programme

You are likely to be a high potential middle manager new to general management, a senior functional or technical specialist in transition to general management, a country manager or business unit head or managing a complex across teams, functions or borders. Learn more

Management Development Programme

You are likely to be new to management, moving from functional or technical specialism into team management responsibilities, or in a team management role looking to develop your effectiveness. Learn more

Senior Executive Programme: Leading Strategy and Change

You are a senior manager or Director looking to put ‘top thinking’ in strategy, leadership and change into action in your organisation. Learn more

Ashridge Leadership Process

Develop your own leadership apporach and lead with greater confidence. Learn more

Real Life Leadership

Explore and experiment with the latest in leadership thinking. Learn more

Leading Change and Growth

Provide effective leadership through growth and change in your organisation. Learn more

The Leadership Experience: Leading on the Edge

Experiential process to accelerate your leadership development. Learn more

Healthcare in flux: Developing resilient change leaders

A modular programme for clinicians and managers working in the NHS and private healthcare sectors.
Learn more

Performance through People

Encourage, promote and facilitate the performance of others. Learn more

Performance through People: Into action

Take a strategic approach to aspects of people management. Learn more

Impact and Influence: Driving outstanding results

Develop your personal impact and strategic influencing approach. Learn more

Influencing Strategies and Skills

Refine your influencing approach and style.
Learn more

Strategic Decisions

Learn how to evaluate strategy, generate options, make better decisions. Learn more

Customer-led Strategy

Explore the true meaning of customer focus and turning it into market advantage. Learn more

Formulating Strategy

Improve the quality of your strategic decision-making.
Learn more

Strategy Tools

Frameworks for more effective strategic decision-making.
Learn more

Group Level Strategy

Learn how to think strategically with a group-wide perspective. Learn more

Strategy and Finance

Gain practical tools for strategic and financial analysis.
Learn more

Finance for Managers

Learn to interpret financial data to make more effective decisions. Learn more

Financial Drivers

Understand the financial drivers of your business.
Learn more

Making Successful Acquisitions

Learn the 10 steps for success from strategy, through purchase to implementation. Learn more

Driving Growth and Innovation

Find growth, accelerate performance, make innovation work. Learn more

Designing Operating Models

Design new businesses and improve existing business models. Learn more

Translating Strategy into Action

Learn how to translate your strategy into reality successfully. Learn more

Making Strategy Happen

Bridge the gaps between strategic plans, actions and outcomes. Learn more

Strategy Team Seminars

Help you to think and act as a true strategist. Learn more

Strategic Human Resource Management

Learn how to really connect HR with your organisation, make changes and get results. Learn more

Advanced Organisation Design

Design an organisation that fits your strategy and people. Learn more

Coaching for Organisation Consultants

Develop your coaching skills and engage with your clients at a profound level. Learn more

Consulting and Change in Organisations

A modular programme offering applied, practical insights into approaches to consulting, informed by leading-edge theory and practice. Learn more

Management Training Courses and Programmes

Our general management courses are designed to support you at every stage of your career, from your first management role through to board level leadership. Each intensive programme delivers what organisations need most: outstanding leaders who can motivate and lead others to improve business performance.

Leadership Training Courses and Programmes

Our leadership and people skills courses have been designed to help you deal with the range of leadership challenges that arise at every stage of your career. Each intensive programme gives you the tools and techniques you need to become the best leader you can be.

Strategy and Finance Training Courses and Programmes

Our strategy courses will give you the tools you need to think strategically, find the best way to make tough decisions and deal with the challenge of turning plans into action.

Our finance courses for non-financial managers will give you an understanding of how finance works and the impact of your decisions on your organisation’s financial results. This will enable you to work effectively alongside financial specialists.

HR, Coaching and Consulting Training Course and Programmes

Our HR, coaching and consulting courses will provide you with invaluable insights and practical solutions. They are ideal if you need to add greater value as a consultant, lead your organisation through change, become a more insightful coach or formulate a winning HR strategy.