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Culture Shock! Generation Y and their managers around the world

Generation Y and their Managers Around the World

Our latest research builds upon our previous UK based research into Generation Y. Based on our findings to date, on questions repeatedly asked by existing and potential clients, and from open debate in the media we decided to :

  • investigate Generation Y outside of the western world, focusing on the Middle East, India, Malaysia and China.
  • explore the manager-graduate relationship in the first few years of work and expectations of managers, graduates and organisations for their future leaders.

Four key themes emerged from this research which include:

  • Expectations of work, turnover and external influences
  • Work experience, development and maturity
  • National culture and behaviour and corporate culture
  • Attitudes and behaviour, relationships and work-life balance

For a copy of the full report, please contact the research department.

For more information on our previous work see:

Gen Y World of Work
Gen Y World of Work

The Survey findings include:

  • There is a two year cut-off point when graduates want to move to a new company
  • Graduates in India and the UK are the most restless and those in Malaysia the least
  • There is a mis-match of expectations of work between graduates and managers, especially in terms of responsibility, speed of progress and level of challenging work
  • Graduates are seen as highly intelligent by their managers and key drivers of change. But Gen Y need to develop their Emotional Intelligence - their understanding of their impact on others
  • Managers and graduates need to dig deeper to understand their different views and to prevent inter-generational miscommunication
  • Managers believe they are acting as a coach or mentor, but graduates say they are not fulfilling this role.
  • Graduates do not want their managers' jobs - at least not the lifestyle. They see their managers as burnt out.
  • Local culture impacts managers' perspective of graduates

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Baby Boomers
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