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Virtual Ashridge, e-learning solutions

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Virtual Ashridge is a curated online collection of learning materials, generated by the faculty and consultants of Ashridge Business School. Ashridge is placed in the top 20 business schools worldwide in recent Financial Times and Bloomberg BusinessWeek rankings, and Virtual Ashridge has recently been awarded Gold in the Learning and Performance Institute's 'Learning Technology of 2014'.

Our online learning content stems from over 50 years’ experience in developing organisations, managers and leaders across the world through qualifications, development programmes, consultancy and coaching. Virtual Ashridge is designed and customised to complement your learning offer and to cater for different learning styles with video, audio, text-based resources and webinars.

Virtual Ashridge currently supports the learning of approximately one million individuals across 150 public and private sector organisations in the UK and internationally. It is designed and delivered globally by experts to empower people to manage their own personal development, anytime they need it, anywhere in the world.

The subject areas provide valuable insight on a number of topics, supported by selected third-party content and complemented by the very best of what is available on the web.

  • Access to a business school education, anytime, anywhere
    Virtual Ashridge content is produced by expert faculty from one of the world’s leading business schools on a wide variety of core subjects. Your employees can access this first-class content from anywhere in the world, and at any time they require training, development or support in their role.

  • Integrates with and enhances your current L&D solutions
    Ashridge content can integrate into your current e-learning solution, complement face-to-face training and be designed to fit your brand and current L&D plans. Virtual Ashridge content can be mapped to your organisations competency framework and L&D strategy.

  • Empower your employees to develop themselves with a learning plan
    Virtual Ashridge is not just another collection of online content. Your staff can login to your organisations learning portal and self-evaluate with our on-board psychometric tools. Their results will help them plan their development route and content relevant to their needs will be suggested by Virtual Ashridge.

eLearning Subject: Leadership

Full E-Learning Solution

Your employees can access content produced by the faculty and consultants of Ashridge Business School through a customised web-portal tailored to your brand and L&D framework, plus external content specifically chosen to compliment our current collection.

eLearning Support

E-Learning Support

Improve your learner engagement with our marketing support through tailored e-shots, launch days and interactive content. Then measure learning effectiveness with our analytical tools to determine your organisation's preferred learning styles, timing and progress.

eLearning Subject: Leadership

LMS Integration / Plugin

Do you already have an LMS but it isn't performing as well as you hoped? Perhaps you need more relevant content for your learners? Virtual Ashridge is compatable with every major LMS and can link its content to enhance any current solution.

eLearning Consulting

E-Learning Consulting

Confused about whether e-learning is right for your organisational goals? Inundated with countless e-learning vendors? As a content provider, Virtual Ashridge can offer impartial e-learning advice geared towards finding the ideal learning solution for the organisation.