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Use of Experiential Learning

Picture: Participants in OLE

Use of Outdoor Learning on Ashridge programme

Outdoor learning is versatile. It can be used as follows:

  • At the start of a programme to help new participants get to know one another in an informal setting
  • In the middle of a programme to give groups a break from the classroom and provide an opportunity to experiment with new skills and behaviour
  • Towards the end of a programme, as a creative way of pulling the learning together

Typically these activities occupy half a day. You are put into a small team and work with an Ashridge facilitator who will brief you on your task as well as conduct a short debrief after each activity. The aim of the debrief is to help the group take forward the learning into the next task, as well as make connections back in the ‘real world’.

At the end of the session you are asked to reflect on all the activities you have done. Back in the classroom a more thorough review is conducted and key learning points are discussed.