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About Ashridge

Range of Activities

The exercises we use can be placed into three categories as described in the table below:

Intellectual Challenges
Physical Challenges
Physical Challenges
Low contact

All these exercises are mobile and most can be performed either indoors (if weather bad), or in the outdoor environment.

These exercises involve solving a puzzle as a group. The activities are all on the ground and require no physical ability and little or no contact with one another.

These exercises are fixed elements of the Outdoor Learning Environment and therefore not mobile.

They will involve physical activity but not excessively so if the group works together.

They involve people being off ground and involve getting from A to B within the rules of the exercise. These activities are strictly monitored by trained Ashridge staff and the group is expected to work together in a safe and responsible manner.

People will come into close physical contact with one another either holding one another, lifting or sharing a restricted space.

These exercises are outdoor only but are mobile and can be used in offsite locations.

They require less physical contact with one another but in some cases involve lifting of equipment for some members of the group.

They will generally involve getting from A to B within the rules of the exercise.

These exercises do not require people to physically handle one another but they will be in close proximity to one another.

Picture: People in OLE