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From CFO to CEO top 10 tips to get you there

From CFO to CEO top 10 tips to get you there

Kai Peters

Kai Peters comments in an article in CFO World.

The article begins..It's a well trodden path, and for many chief financial officers, the top finance job is the stepping stone to the ultimate prize: chief executive. But while the qualities and values associated with the CFO – integrity, reliability, independence – are invaluable, the CEO's role requires more. From setting strategy to building and motivating teams, even the most capable finance chief will find the transition a challenge. So what are the key tricks to make the jump to the corner office?

It goes on to quote Kai Peters: "Finance can be quite structured and calculable, and some finance people are in that mindset," says Kai Peters, chief executive of Ashridge Business School. "Others, of course, are not and they will find it significantly easier to make the transition. But accepting the complexity and uncertainty of a changing environment and letting intuition and best guesses replace certainty will make a major difference."

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