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Living Leadership

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The animation on this page illustrates a cartoon-based slide show called 'living leadership - a practical guide for ordinary heros' based on a book by George Binney, Gerhard Wilke and, Colin Williams published in 2005.

Some of the key points covered are: Leadership happens between people and is not the property of the leader or follower but is a product of their interactions in a particular context. The authors found in their research that there are some ordinary acts of everyday leaders such as speak your truth, tackle the elephant in the room, connecting people and organisations, and confronting non-performers. There is intense pressure on leaders, and a continuing negotiation of the expectations of those leaders. Context is critical - every leader sought to lead transformation but ended up somewhere different. Effective leaders are using themselves with skill; it is not about being perfect. It is about living with uncertainty, leadership being based on the applied intelligence of the group and organisation, with the leaders releasing that collective intelligence. The final recommendation of what you can do as a leader is to: get real, get connected and get help.