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Ashridge Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is increasingly seen as a significant way of contributing to an organisation’s change and management development agenda. In particular it is one of the key approaches through which leadership within complex organisations can be developed.

In recognition of the different ways that leaders work within organisations, our executive coaching offering is focused in three areas:

Our approach to coaching

A key belief that underpins all our coaching relationships is that they should be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the individual and the organisation. We use a range of sound psychological theories and proven methods from the fields of coaching, counselling, psychotherapy and organisation development. Our coaches pay attention to their relationship, both the coaching client and the overall client organisation.

The relationship between coach and client is clearly defined and agreed at the outset, with an agreed contract and boundaries which explicitly articulate the outcomes and goals for the relationship. This avoids dependency and seeks to ensure that appropriate and meaningful evaluation of the relationship can be undertaken.

We see this process as crucial not only in understanding the objectives and expectations of the intervention, but also to act as a reference point throughout the coaching journey.

Coaching Programmes

Coaching for Organisation Consultants

This is a highly interactive programme which combines psychological and organisational perspectives on coaching. Flexible to the needs and interests of the group, it will teach you how to engage with your clients at a profound level - dramatically increasing your impact on the organisation.

This programme is residential and consists of five workshops each lasting two days at Ashridge.

Learn more about the Coaching for Organisation Consultants programme.

Masters in Executive Coaching

The Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching is a two year part-time programme developed by experienced coaching practitioners who have a combination of research, psychological and organisation development experience.

The programme takes a relational psychological perspective, which will deepen your and your clients’ awareness of self and the web of key relationships within the organisational context. The aim is to develop your ability to respond to, initiate and enable change through the coaching process.

Learn more about the Masters in Executive Coaching programme.