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Spring 2011 edition

The Ashridge Research Journal

Welcome to 360°, the Ashridge Journal, with the latest thinking and research from Ashridge faculty. The contents list below shows the articles from the latest edition for Spring 2011. Click through on the titles or through the left-hand menu to read the articles online. You can also download PDF copies of the individual articles.

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My angle

Dr. Gill Coleman analyses how acquiring knowledge is increasingly the result of complex human interactions rather than rigid organisational patterns.

Research overview

Shirine Voller presents an overview of the latest Ashridge research.

Influencing: The key to successful business relationships

Leaders need to focus as much on developing effective working relationships as they do on the functional aspects of their jobs. Fiona Dent and Mike Brent introduce a range of techniques to develop this crucial skill of influencing.

Classroom 2.0: What is the future of education?

Ronan Gruenbaum reviews the rapidly advancing technology that is shaping the future of learning, and the changing nature of the role of the teacher and the classroom.

Re-framing programme evaluation framework

Research shows that formal evaluation practices have only a limited infl uence on the decisions made about management development programmes. Shirine Voller introduces a new model for reframing evaluation processes.

Performance pay:
Leadership prescription or class A narcotic?

Does more pay result in higher performance? Steve Watson examines the evidence and puts forward recommendations for those managing performance.

Mindful leadership:
Exploring the value of a meditation practice

Meditation in the business world is moving from the fringe to the mainstream. Emma Dolman and Dave Bond review the impact that meditation practices have made, and report on a meditation research study conducted at Ashridge.

Perspectives: Neuroscience, learning and change

Kai Peters summarises the latest developments in our knowledge of the workings of the brain, and how these findings can be used in designing learning interventions in executive education.

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