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Mike Brent

MA, Dip Mgmt, Dip Mkting, MSc, MSc

Mike is a Client and Programme Director at Ashridge. He specialises in leadership, team-building, influencing, coaching, cross cultural management, leading change and personal development. His interests include how to foster self-awareness and creativity, and how to challenge effectively.

He has worked as a management trainer and consultant with many international companies such as GE, HP, Ericsson, France Telecom, ICI, Volvo and Bang & Olufsen and has a particular interest in working with management teams. Mike has extensive international experience having run seminars world-wide including Japan, China, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA, Canada and South America.

Mike has published a number of articles on influencing, coaching and leadership, and a book, Influencing - Skills and Techniques for Business Success (with Fiona Dent).

Mike's latest publications

Brent, M. and Dent, F. (2013) The Leader's Guide to Managing People: How to Use Soft Skills to Get Hard Results. FT Publishing International
Dent, F. & Brent, M. (2011) The Art of Influencing, Facing the new reality - is collaboration the way forward?, 23 - 25 March, Alicante
Download Influencing: The key to successful business relationships
Dent, F. & Brent, M. (2011) Influencing: The key to successful business relationships, 360° The Ashridge Journal, pp. 8 - 15, Spring
Brent, M. & Dent, F. (2010) A Leaders Guide to Influence, How to use soft skills to get hard results, FT Prentice Hall
Brent, M. & Mckergow, M. (2009) No More Heroes, Coaching at Work, Vol. 4, Issue 5, pp. 44 - 48, September
Dent, F. & Brent, M. (2006) , Influencing: Skills & Techniques for Business Success, London: Palgrave, ISBN - 10: 140 399 6687, ISBN - 13: 9781403996688

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Mike Brent
Mike Brent
Mike Brent